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Every visual inspection has its unique requirements.


Most requirements can be satisfied with available equipment but there are situations when existing equipment falls short of your application requirements. When you meet with such a challenge, we can help you meet these requirements through equipment customization, integration or even development.


VISCOY is here to understand your challenges and deliver solutions you need. Speak with us today whether you have a unique equipment requirement or an inspection challenge.


We are positive we can fulfil your requirements with the precise solution and the best tools.

culverttrolley websol



  • Visual Inspection of pipe supports under culvert
  • Culvert clearance above pipes approx. 30cm
  • Culvert width ~ 15mtrs
  • Close proximity of pipes makes it difficult for standard delivery platforms to “look under” pipes at supports

Current Method:

  • Nil

Proposed Method:

  • Design and fabrication of camera trolley with Magnetic Wheels
  • Magnetic Wheels allow trolley to be deployed on side or underneath of pipes
  • RIEZLER pan & tilt camera mounted on camera trolley
ptzx roller skid



  • Internal Visual Inspection of 10mtr vertical pipe section
  • Access via 10” horizontal pipe approx. 10mtrs long
  • Check for Blockage and Corrosion

Current Method:

  • Use of standard push cameras with 10x zoom
  • 10x zoom allows for inspection up to only 3 mtrs deep
  • Unable to see details beyond 3 mtrs

Proposed Method:

  • SNI’s PTZx40 camera mounted in customized skid
  • 40x optical zoom allows details to be seen up to 15 mtrs away