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At VISCOY, we understand our customers’ need for reliable and timely after sales support, be this equipment training or servicing and repair of their equipment


Service & Repair

Most of the equipment offered by VISCOY originate from Europe and the USA. Given the distance and time difference between us and the equipment manufacturers, it is imperative that VISCOY maintains the capability to offer servicing and repair services for the products we offer.

VISCOY is a Certified Service Centre for the manufacturers that we represent. Our service engineers are trained and certified by our principals to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair issues that may arise with our equipment. To further reduce turnaround time, VISCOY maintains an inventory of common spare parts for quick replacement.



For our customers to generate the highest ROI possible on the equipment procured from us, the downtime of the equipment must be kept to a minimum. To help our customers achieve this, VISCOY offers regular maintenance programmes for most of the equipment we offer.

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As part of our commitment to deliver the best inspection outcome with the equipment that we offer, VISCOY includes with every purchase, free equipment training for our customers. VISCOY also offers refresher training for customers who wish to be always kept current in the use of their equipment procured from us.

Our trainers are trained and certified directly by our principals to deliver the best instructions in the correct handling and use of the equipment VISCOY offers.

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Confined Space UAV Training Facility

In partnership with Flyability SA and as part of our efforts to impart our knowledge and skills to our customers, VISCOY has set up a Confined Space UAV Training Facility specially designed for the use of our Elios 2. The Elios 2 UAV is designed specifically for indoor or confined space inspections in GPS-denied environments.


With the broad range of flight obstacles and built-ups, the trainee pilots will be able to put his UAV piloting skills to the test, and understand fully the abilities of the Elios 2. As part of our training efforts, a well-paced training syllabus paired with various flight exercises are offered as a package to our customers who purchased an Elios 2 UAV.



For our customers who prefers rental or lease, VISCOY offers a broad range of equipment from our product portfolio that can address a wide variety of inspection challenges. 


Please reach out to us and we can discuss how we can support your inspection needs better.